My dear Buenos Aires

“Sorry for the lack of pictures. I had a basic phone back then. And I didn’t buy one until the end of 2013.”

Buenos Aires was boiling hot when I came back. No chance of using the alpaca hoodie that I’ve bought in Peru or my woollen hat from Bolivia. But I was at home, feeling relieved after being in a non-official bus for twenty-eight hours from Jujuy. It was the cheap alternative to the buses going to Retiro. This one ended in Once. Fishy business, but nothing to complain about. I got meals a couple of times and the drivers switched every fours hours in all the stops we did.

At home my sister was alone because my parents were on holidays. She opened the front gate for me and we looked each other smiling at the weird looks that time always bring to people meeting again. Although this was a baby trip, a month in total. We chatted for a bit and then I took a long refreshing shower.

That afternoon, many friends came to visit me and hear stories about my hippie trip in the North. In contrast with Bolivia and Peru, weed was scarce in Argentina, or at least in Buenos Aires in the middle of the summer. It happens every year. The entire city escapes to the beach, far from the hot concrete, and that includes drugs aficionados. Although we managed to get some.

“It was all about the stories”

A few weeks later of my arrival, I got an email from Marja, the Finish girl I’ve met in Bolivia. She said she’ll be arriving to Buenos Aires in a couple of days.

We met in front of Casa Rosada, the emblematic home of a long list of bad politicians. It was one who escaped from the roof, ducking in a helicopter and surrounded by a ocean of furious people banging saucepans.

Unfortunately she was going to stay in Buenos Aires for just a couple of days. It is quite pricey in comparison with the rest of the country. But we had a nice day walking around and knowing each other.

Buenos Aires is’nt a cheap destination anymore

I went back to work with my father and the summer followed its natural course. Hanging out with friends, drinking lots of beer, going to bars and so on. Until one day the prospects for the ¬†future changed. Marja, who by this time was back in Brighton, have sent me an email offering a place in her flat for the necessary time until I could find a job and move to my place. I didn’t doubt it for a second.

Preparations were very simple. I was twenty-two years old, a dropper and working for my father. I had nothing to lose. So I began saving money, but to accelerate the process I recurred to my uncle in Italy for a little loan. A plane ticket in fact. I promised to pay it back after getting a job.

“Everything looked so easy”

At the beginning of May of 2012, I left Argentina. With my cheap suitcase, money in my pocket – didn’t have bank account – and ready for all.

The first stop was going to be Padova, at the North of Italy. I wanted to visit my uncle and auntie for two weeks before moving to Brighton.


This is the prologue of my trip to Europe. Continue here ” ” or go to the first series starting here “The First Adventure; North to Bolivia and Peru #1”

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