This example of a New Life is almost real

It all starts that morning when you are nervously, anxiously and full of uncertainty going to the airport with your passport in your pocket and your e-ticket in your phone – don’t print your tickets anymore. Maximise the use of your phone, it’s your best multipurpose tool – You walk to the airlines desk, you check in, cross the security gates, browse in the screens for your departure gate and walk around till it’s time to flight. 

Fast your seatbelt, plug-in your headphones, read, talk, drink wine and water. Do not stop drinking water. Dehydration is the enemy. Sleep. Fast your seatbelt again and get ready for landing. 

Boom. There you are in Europe. Or Asia or any of the Americas or wherever. Now what ? If you are an organised person you will have it mapped out. Let’s pretend that Wendy is going to spend her first week in a hostel till she figures out where to go next… Wait a second..  Wendy it’s a good girl. She has planned ahead her future since she was in primary school. Although one day she got tired and she quit her job in the marketing agency that she has being working since she got her degree. She won’t stop being a careful person at her 25 years old. She knows where to go. Mandy it’s waiting for her in the airport. She has her visa already and has a couple of interviews to do and in 2 weeks she is moving in to her new flat in downtown. Wendy will not stop being Wendy even if she is 12000km away from home. Wendy is Wendy forever. Bye Wendy, good luck in your new life.

Winged Victory of Samothrace - starting a new life

You don’t need arms to fly… no really, this is my favourite sculpture.


Let’s bring a different character to the story. Hey! This is Matt. He has no idea where he’s going nor where he comes from. He’s had saved some money last year working in a café, and had met some travellers offering his place in Couchsurfing. Now he has a nice verified profile with pictures and good info.

If you gonna travel make sure you have the social tools ready

So. Airport, nervousness, ticket, seatbelt, wine, water, seatbelt, landing and Matt is in France. La Terre du Vin. He always wanted to visit the South coast of France. He watched it in a movie and it fascinated him. To save some money of course he sent a few requests to get hosted in Marseille. People very kindly accept him. Because he had a real profile and because he sent personalised request and not a copy paste of the same story to everyone.

He met his host. He spent a few days in her house. He sent more request and for a week he enjoyed Marseille hanging out with locals, saving accommodation money and in the main time he make new friends. One of those was a Catalunyan girl called Marta who invited him to go to Barcelona and visit her. She said that she worked in an Irish pub and if he wanted she might find him some work. It was a tempting idea for Matt of course. 

After a week or so he moved to Montpellier following the same philosophy. Using Couchsurfing and when the luck was not enough he booked the cheapest hostel he could find. Soon he realised that this lifestyle was not for everyone. You could live from host to host but at some point you will get tired of being dependant of someone’s key, schedule or habits. So every time that he was in a hostel he enjoyed the liberty of taking a long hot shower and go out at night without minding the time of coming back. 

In Montepellier he had a good time but it’s a small city so he sent a Facebook message to Marta in Barcelona. He was not thinking about the job offer but he wanted to visit Barcelona. It’s always good to know someone in a place before you go. Marta said he should definitely go. Barcelona during summer it’s a wonderful place.

Cycling in Montpellier with my Couchsurfing host - starting a new life

Cycling in Montpellier with my Couchsurfing host

He got ready and by recommendation from another guest in the hostel, he booked a car ride in BlaBlaCar – a service where you share the petrol fee to go from point A to B. It is an excellent way to meet people and save money when travelling in Europe – and left Montpellier.

Fast your seatbelt, get something to drink, put on your sunglasses and enjoy the beauties of a road trip in Europe. If you are lucky enough you will get a good driver. In my own story from Montpellier to Barcelona I had a crazy one who combed his curly hair putting his head out of the window at 120 km/h.

Five hours later Matt is in Barcelona. He goes to see Marta for a beer and then he goes to the hostel for a good night of sleep. Next morning he wakes up feeling great, he takes a shower and leaves the hostel to explore the city. After walking a couple of blocks he realises that he’s in love with the city. There’s a vibe that he has never felt before. He wants to discover more, he wants to live this city he wants to stay. He realises that he wants to stay. But this is his first trip and he has no experience on it. Anyway, back at home he had read a blog once that the author said that moving to a new city is not as hard as it seems to be. The first thing that you need it’s a room. Bukowski said that too. 

Hostel in Barcelona - starting a new life

Hostel somewhere in Barcelona

After spending his entire day enjoying the beauties and bads of Barcelona he goes back to his hostel for another shower and leaves to meet Marta and her friends. He gets introduced to many people and commented to them that he decided to stay. People gives him advice about how to get a room in Barcelona, which basically is trough Facebook groups. Next day he spent his morning  searching on Facebook and he goes to see many rooms around the city. He explain that he has not a job yet and has limited budget but he can at least pay for a month in advance and try his luck getting a job. The people is kind, he easily found someone who understands his situation and accept it. 

Barcelona room view in L'Eixample - starting a new life

Barcelona room view in L’Eixample

A couple of weeks ago Matt was just a traveller wandering in Europe with no plans, but high flexibility. Matt today is a potential Temporary Local. He has got his room and now is printing resumes to give around and try to get a job. He spends his entire day walking the city, talking with people, following directions that strange waitress tell him, talking with managers, getting rejected, getting fake hopes, but he never gives up. He will get a job. Back in the hostel he tries different ways on the internet. He research where to go next and he talks with people in Couchsurfing too. He exhaust every method available. 

In two weeks, after working very hard and relaxing not very much he lands with his first job in Barcelona and outside his country for the first time. He now has the tools to remain in the country for longer that only a couple of months. He didn’t get a spectacular job. But at least he got an income that will help him to keep the rest of his savings in standby. 

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