I developed this travelling style for one reason; money. Honestly, how many people has a solid income on-the-go to allow them to live travelling ? Not many. Even if there’s thousands of blogs telling you how to do it, it is not an easy road to take. So when I started travelling I did it in my own way. The hard slow way. But let me explain you how I did become a Temporary Local.

The first time I left home in Argentina I had no work experience, no diploma and my English was terrible. However, I tried. And I failed. I spent 2 months in England trying to get a job, well… I discovered later on that I was doing it in the wrong way. Also I got scammed, missed a flight and lost my driver licence. But this wasn’t going to stop me. It was a bright side; the nice people.

After getting scammed in London I remember being in front of the fucking Big Ben thinking “I don’t have a flat, money nor job. I’m fucked up, I have to come back to Argentina” I was really upset. Although life was still on. That night I had  to meet with a girl from Couchsurfing who was supposed to host me for 4 days till I had finished my arrangements withe flat agency.

London Big Ben - temporary local

Courtesy of Pexels – I didn’t have a camera

I was in Edgware Road station waiting for her with my already ruined suitcase, smoking a cigarette and completely fogged by negative thoughts. When she came she was smiling and nervous because it was the first time she was using CS and was the same for me. Walking to the house I explained her my situation and very calmly she said “don’t worry, we will figure it out later” I still can remember how comfortable was to hear those words.

“Things do not always go as planned”

In conclusion, the planned 4 days in her flat became 25 days. I “tried” ,as I said before, to get a job but without success. My money was almost gone, I only had like 50£. Though I received a miracle call from an auntie in Spain telling me to go there and visit her. Chances of getting a job in Spain were better, because the language and I didn’t have to worry for accommodation and food.

Two weeks after arriving in Spain I got my first shitty job in a restaurant as a dish washer. I got a room too. And I started saving money because I was broken. It took me more than a year until I had enough money to come back to Argentina. And I said bye bye to that job. As you can see, it was not an option for me to get a real job and become a temporary local.

“Making experiences and enduring yourself”

By the time I came back to Argentina I was 1,5 years wiser and older. I had survived. The bad times were just funny from the safety of my present. But more adventures and hard times were waiting for me in my return. My month in Argentina was just a time to focus and be ready for the uncertain future.


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